About Us

About Mark

Founder of the Company and coordinator of the translation teams, was born in Leeds (United Kingdom). He holds a First Class Honours degree in Linguistics from the University of Manchester and a PhD summa cum laude from the University of London.

He is a researcher, writer and lecturer at international academic gatherings, and takes part in historical and literary competitions.

About Rocío

She´s a senior project manager. She studied Psychology (branches of Education and Industrial-Organizational) at the open university.

Backed by years of experience and teaching competence, she has the C2 level of English and the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) of Cambridge, in addition to having worked in different multinationals along her professional career.


We are much more than linguists – we defend our clients’ interests: we provide services, give solutions and generate satisfaction.

Every translation - from the shortest and simplest to the most technical and specific - is based on versatility and linguistic precision.

The team

It´s not just about us, our team and 30 years´ experience and prestige guarantee the quality of our work.

  • Professionals. Our aptitude and attitude are truly professional, coupled with the knowledge we have acquired over years of study and the desire to give our customers the best possible service.
  • Quality. We always comply with the highest requirements of quality in any translation and interpreting project.
  • Respect. We respect our clients and our workmates. We are all in the same boat and we all share the same goal: to provide a rigorous, top-quality and efficient service. .
  • Accessibility. We are people who speak to people. We belong to a company and this is precisely why our goal is to enjoy a warm and trusting relationship.
  • Availability. Everyone at Mark Guscin Linguistic Services works long hours, but we also have support collaborators for those urgent projects that just can’t wait.
  • Flexibility. We adapt each project to the end client’s needs.
  • Updating. We are constantly recycling our knowledge so that we always have the edge.
  • Confidenciality. We manage our clients’ private data as if it were our own – no unpleasant surprises.
  • Specialization. Everyone to their own business: we can’t all know how to do everything, so each translator specializes in a different field of work: commercial, technical, financial, legal, literary, etc.
  • Honesty. We are all human and can all make mistakes, but we are in love with our work and do our very best in each project, each translation and each company.