Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.

- George Steiner -

Our goal here is a rigorous result, so that language is filtered into another without losing its intention and sense.

We look after your corporate image and give it a new boost.

Translation (simple and sworn)

Knowing a language does not necessarily mean knowing how to translate, and in this sector specialisation is important. Our collaborators are experts in the fields they work in, they only translate into their mother tongue and they live in their own countries, in permanent contact with the evolution of the language.

Automotive, scientific, editorial, pharmaceutical, industrial, xogos, literary, marketing, medical, web pages, technical, telecommunication, tourism...


Our experience with web sites places us at the vanguard in the use of new technologies.

We administer and update web sites, blogs and social networks, using different styles for corporate and personal communication.


Simultaneous: a team of two interpreters per language translates what the speaker says as he says it, in the interpreting booth. Delegates hear what is said in the earphones in their own language.
Consecutive: interpreters translate what is said after each paragraph or at the end without using booths or earphones. The room’s audio system is usually sufficient.
Whispering: for events when a maximum of two people require interpreting.
Accompanying: translation for small groups.
Sworn interpreting: with a sworn interpreter recognised as such by the Spanish Foreign Office. At official events (signatures before a notary, appearances in court, interrogations, etc.)
Other organisational and co-ordination functions


We advise and review and correct texts and styles.


We provide subtitles for presentations, documentaries and films...